About the OPTIMUM Project

OPTIMUM aims to support innovative concepts for engineering, commissioning, control and supervision of smart manufacturing and material handling. It will be in line with European, National and international initiatives towards digital manufacturing, closely related to on-going activities in working groups around the German initiative Industry 4.0. Taking the results from ongoing architectural, component and ontology discussions, OPTIMUM's major goals are: improvement of the aspects of distributed control, adaptation of (I)IoT technologies to real industrial needs, enhancement of control and applications by context and location awareness as well as application design and common-model based 3D engineering and supervision.

Today's control of industrial processes is done in a highly centralized and hierarchical (S95 / IEC 62264) manner. Future concepts like component based and collaborative automation, as alongside the 4th industrial revo-/evolution, require much more distributed functionalities. Related technologies allow companies to innovate their industrial products like cranes - in the case of DEMAG - reducing their HW variety of crane control modules and increasing SW capabilities and modularity. Context and location awareness will further enhance assistance functions offered for these products and thus, due to increased efficiency, comfort and safety of resulting applications, allowing companies like DEMAG being more competitive on the market and gaining additional market shares.

Companies like Bosch-Rexroth, that are offering classical centralized control solutions, will get ready for new challenges of component based distributed industrial control. OPTIMUM developments will complement the current developments within Industry 4.0 working groups, where Bosch is playing a driving role. Thus, synchronization with and feedback to the standardizations initiatives, increasing sustainability of project results, is guaranteed.

The main goals will be achieved by addressing innovation aspects like

The consortium is representing the overall business and technological value chains needed for reaching the project goals and, after having completed the project successfully, transferring the results into the domains of smart manufacturing and material handling, with the potential of influencing standardization activities, towards digital manufacturing / Industry 4.0. The domains covered by OPTIMUM are represented by key players alongside the business value chains (like Bosch-Rexroth, ERMETAL, DEMAG, MAGTEL), innovative SMEs and research partners complementing all innovation aspects addressed. Thus OPTIMUM is having the potential of essentially influencing the movement towards digital manufacturing / Industry 4.0.